A History of Service to Metro Atlanta Since 1959

It is one of the most beautiful final resting places in the Atlanta area.  The cemetery is a combination of rolling hills that feature gorgeous views of the Atlanta skyline and a serene lake surrounded by trees with a lot of soothing beauty.  The natural surroundings of the cemetery provide family visitations with peace and serenity.

For Both You and Your Loved Ones

We often think of cemeteries as a place that holds the remains of our community’s deceased. But cemeteries, more than anything, function as places for the living.

One Final Gift

 Scatter me not to restless winds, nor toss my ashes to the sea,
Remember now these years gone by when loving gifts I gave to thee...
Remember now the happy times, the family ties we shared,
Don't leave my resting place unmarked as though you never cared.
Deny me not one final gift for all who come to see,
A single last proof that says,
I loved...and you loved me.

D.J. Kramer

Hours & Location

Hours of Operations

Monday through Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sundays and Holidays- Closed

581 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE, Mableton, GA 30126

Just 5 miles west of I-285 and 3 miles east of Mableton Pkwy